Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Potential of Space

A few months ago Jack Pam from Map Films invited photographers Toni Wilkinson, Ben Sullivan and myself to contribute a photograph to his project - Potential of Space - a live artistic collaboration between photographers and artists. The collaborating artists Meredith Earls, Creepy, Trevor Richards and Sean Morris hit the large scale printed photographs with their own styles of painting and illustration. After several hours in the late autumn sun and into the night, the artists brought new life, vigour and fresh interpretation to the original photographs. As part of the fotofreo festival 2008, I believe this was one of the most interesting events and typified the relaxed Fremantle zeitgeist. It was great to see some fresh and vital atmosphere injected into the Festival program. Punters were treated to live art paintings and illustrations, whilst relaxing in the sun,pleasantly drinking cool beverages, and surveying the process of artistic creation, with the Indian Ocean cast as the appropriate backdrop. Good times.

I have attached the process and hope you can dig it as much as I did. It is very reminiscent of a project I did in 2004 called Isolated - Funkstörung Tiple Media.

All photographs by Max Kordyl.

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