Monday, September 1, 2008

Flash us, your Flak Photo!

Not sure if you're familiar with Flak Photo or if you've heard of Flak Photo, but I've got some cool news. I'm pleased to announce that 25 Hijacked Photographers work has been selected to run on, a daily photography blogzine featuring distinctive work from an international community of contributors. Flak Photo promotes interesting visual approaches to seeing the world and celebrates the art of exhibiting quality photography online.

Flak Photo is teaming up with Big City Press and each of you to feature a series of images from Hijacked, Volume One: Australia and America. In support of the project,
Flak Photo be publishing a selection of 25 photographs weekdays from September 1 – October 3, 2008.

Flak Photo / Features showcases images from "group show" photography projects - the section highlights work from new series, book projects and gallery exhibitions. In recent months, Flak Photo has published work from Jen Bekman Gallery's A New American Portrait, the Minnesota Center for Photography's PhotoBravo, the Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward / Emerging Photographer's 2007, 3030 Press' New Photography in China, Humble Arts Foundation's 31 Under 31: Young Women in Art Photography, Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine's Inside Burgerworld, the Photographic Resource Center's EXPOSURE: The PRC Annual Juried Exhibition and most recently, Center's Review Santa Fe 2008.

Flak Photo is dedicated to exhibiting quality photography online as well as introducing its contributors' work to an international audience. The blog is read by many photographers, galleries, publishers and photo editors, so it's a great way to view work and engage with the online photography community, most of whom are savvy, web-oriented creatives.

Fotos by Mark McPherson © 2008.

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