Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Open Invitation: Hijacked 2: Australia & Germany

Hello Photographers, Artists and Writers
I would like to invite you to submit photographs for Hijacked 2. New Australian and German Photography. The submission period for Hijacked Volume 2 - Australia and Germany has already commenced in a light manner. The contribution period officially opens on January 1st, 2009. and will continue until June 2009. The deadline for foto submissions is scheduled for June 1st 2009. This invitation is expressed to you and to anyone you think this might appeal to... (recommendations - people with amazing photographs???) Submit and send up to 20 fotos. (jpegs is fine for now) email

Please send me any queries, questions, feedback. Submission, does not guarantee that you will be published. There is an editing process. So if you are selected, we will be requesting high resolution files later in 2009. This will be a great photography book project. Book launches and exhibitions are scheduled for 2010 in Australia and Germany. kind regards and thanks for your time and patience. Mark McPherson

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