Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Final 2009 Hijacked Photographer - Mark McPherson (Week 52)

Week 52. December 24th - 30th
(Sorry for the late post, but my wife and children have been very sick and ill over Christmas, I have had to quarantine them from family and friends. So it was quite an ordinary and subdued Celebration. Eventually the last selection is made...)

52. Final Photographer for 2009 - Mark McPherson - Australia (Perth, B. 1975)
Titles - Andy, New York 2008, Chris, Berlin, 2008, David & Zek, Sydney 2008
C-Type Print Dimensions Variable
© Mark McPherson 2008/09
Courtesy of the Artist
(no specific website available)

Hooray! - The Hijacked 2 shortlist is complete...I will announce the final selection soon.

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