Monday, June 16, 2008

The ACP Installation 10 -12 June

After leaving NYC on Sunday, losing a day, having some delays with Qantas, finally I arrived in Sydney from New York City on Tuesday morning, June 12. Immediately after checking in at The Hughenden in Wollahra, I dropped in at the Australian Centre for Photography and set about some curatorial decisions with Malcolm Smith concerning the hang and arrangement of the work. Previously I had devised and created a masterplan for the hang at the ACP from the floorplan but due to the actual realisation of the space and the changes in the print sizes, a few changes were made to the final hang. Myself and Malcolm Smith spent two days working with Tony Nolan and his fantastic installation team. The prints had been unpacked a week before I arrived, so that they had time to absorb the air, to adapt and settle with the humidity.

The following is a photographic depiction of the installation. Eternal thanks to Alasdair Foster - Director of the ACP, Malcolm Smith, Tony Nolan and his amazing installation team and all the Australian photographers who made it to the exhibition opening. An event that was attended by over 500 people. Just a reminder, this week I will be speaking at FOREIGN AFFAIRS
6pm Thursday 19 June
Australian Centre for Photography
257 Oxford St Paddington
Free Admission

In this panel we present a number of artists and curators who have developed innovative projects that cross national boundaries. They talk about how their work is perceived outside compared to inside Australia, what difficulties arise when artists cross cultural borders and the strategies they have used to address these.

Hosted by Maurice O'Riordan (Editor, Art Monthly), speakers include Mark McPherson (Hijacked), Danius Kesminas (Punkasila, the Histrionics), Aaron Seeto (Director, Gallery 4A) and renowned Australian artist Fiona Foley.

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