Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Arm: Hijacked 6/6/08

Timing is always imperative to success and opportunity, so I was flabbergasted to find out that our Hijacked book launch and party in Brooklyn was scheduled for the same time as the M.I.A concert in Williamsburg. Damn. Anyway. Hijacked text editor and jet setter Jess Scully was so jet lagged and tired, that she slept half way through the party and by the time she arrived the bar stocks had already been consumed. The deli on the corner provided ample beverages and refreshments for the remainder of the night. One lucky visitor from Norway was successful in obtaining all the photographers signatures in a Hijacked book purchase that will consequently increase the value of the book and his investment in years to come. It was fantastic to meet and see at the party and book launch so many people - Robin Schwartz and her daughter Amelia, Todd Fisher, Shen Wei, Tod Seelie, Grant Willing, Alana Celii, Ed Zipco, Andy Smith (Happy 30th Birthday Andy, you old bastard) , Nick Chatfield Taylor and all the beautiful people from New York City that came along. Whoop Whoop, its the sound of the Police. And New Yorks finest even decided to show up. It was a warm, humid evening and everyone was enjoying drinks on the street. The NYPD came along to remind people to stay inside for their own safety. Anyway, the party was great. Big City Press is working out details with humble arts foundation directors Amani Olu and Jon Feinstein, to return to New York City later in the year to exhibit Hijacked, like we have done at the ACP in Sydney. Big love to New York City and all the peeps that made me welcome there and who came to the party. Big City Press is still working on a distributing deal in America and hopefully it shouldn't be too long in the piece, we should be nailing something down soon. Dashwood Books have been super supportive and may also be a future venue for a Hijacked Volume 1 - Australia and America book signing, later in 2008. Thanks to David Strettell for the support and confidence in our independent publishing venture. Big up NYC. Fotos attached by --Tod Seelie - - - -
And some of the photos are from me...Mark McPherson.

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