Monday, January 12, 2009

2. Hijacked Photographer - Kristian Haggblom

The development of Hijacked 2 - New Australian and German photography is coming along well. Each week I will be presenting a new photographer from Australia and Germany, alternating between both countries. I will be traveling to Germany in June and July 2009 to do some research and development on the new book. I will be meeting photographers, artists, writers and looking for a co-editor. I will also be looking for a co-publisher for this project, preferably from Germany. I should also be trying to attend Arles - Photography Festival whilst I am in Europe.

For week 2, January 8 - 14th.

2. Photographer - Kristian Haggblom - Australia (Melbourne, b.1976). Foto, from a series A Landscape of Events - 'A Meeting of 69 School Boys’, © 2007
Kristian Haggblom

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