Monday, January 12, 2009

52 Photographers in a Hijacked 2009 Year!

Happy New Year! The party begins. Sorry for the late kick off, but the silly season has been out of control and occasionally relaxing. Throughout 2009, Big City Press will be acknowledging, presenting and shortlisting 52 Australian and German photographers for the purpose of Big City Press's 2nd Volume publication - Hijacked 2 - New Australian and German Photography. From this short list we will be editing down the selection to what will be the final version of the book Hijacked 2 - New Australian and German Photography. Our project is supported by the DCA - Department of Culture and Arts, Western Australia, The Goethe Institute Australia and ACP - The Australian Institute for Photography.

So without any further procrastination, may I present the first photographer, Hijacked in 2009.
For week 1, January 1 - 7th.

1. Photographer - Frauke Thielking - Germany (Dortmund, b.1977). Foto, from the series '
My name is Frauke, but you can call me Flauke' © 2008 Frauke Thielking

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