Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Artist Selection: Hijacked 2 - Australia & Germany

Happy New Year Everyone. I am delighted to announce the final selection for Hijacked Volume 2 - Australia & Germany. I have spent more than 12 months researching and shortlisting photographic artists from Australia and Germany, with over 300 photographers submitting work for the project, we have arrived at a final list of 32 artists. Obviously it was not possible to include everyone, and we have left out many talented people, we just did not have enough space available in the publication. The book is scheduled for release in June. The Australian Centre for Photography will launch the book and exhibition on Thursday, June 10th, so be welcome to attend if you are in Sydney town. The exhibition at the ACP runs June 11 - July 17.

During the 2009 northern hemisphere summer I was lucky enough to work with German co-editors Ute Noll & Markus Schaden. I met Markus in Arles and he was instantly impressed with the first draft selection shortlist. We later worked during July & August in Köln and Stuttgart, and since I returned to Australia, we have utilised skype communication to continue the process. I met Ute Noll in 2008, when I was presenting Hijacked Volume 1 - Australia & America in Stuttgart and was impressed by her individual and independent approach. character and enthusiam.

Some photographs are attached, of Ute, Markus and I working together in Köln, in a community hall, some fotos from Arles and from Köln. It was great fun, hard work and a fantastic experience to be working with two great, funny and professional people. Many Thanks to Peter Granser for hooking me up with so many wicked and intelligent people in Europe. Thanks to Lucille Lagier from Atelier de visu in Marseille, for providing me with an awesome pad to crash at in Arles during the Festival, and to Mathieu Bernard-Reymond and Captain Rinny Gremaud for being such great travel companions and friends throughout our road trip in Switzerland and France. I hope to see you all again this summer.

I am pleased to announce that we have finally and painstakingly selected artists for Hijacked - Volume 2 - Australia and Germany.
The artists in Hijacked Two are:

Australian: Narelle Autio, James Brickwood, Michael Corridore, Andrew Cowen, Tamara Dean, Jackson Eaton, Suzie Fox, Lee Grant, Derek Henderson, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Ingvar Kenne, Bronek Kózka, Georgia Metaxas, Conor O’Brien, Polixeni Papapetrou, Louis Porter.

German: Johanna Ahlert, Natalie Bothur, Jörg Brüggemann, Thekla Ehling, Albrecht Fuchs, Jan v. Holleben, Karsten Kronas, Anne Lass, Jens Liebchen, Myriam Lutz, Julian Röder, Josef Schulz, Oliver Sieber, Ivonne Thein, Olaf Unverzart, Sascha Weidner.

Thank you to everyone who gave valuable time and energy and submitted works to this project for considered inclusion. For the Australian Photographic Artists who missed out, please don’t be disappointed, we will commence work on Hijacked 3 soon and you will again be given the opportunity to submit artworks.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Final 2009 Hijacked Photographer - Mark McPherson (Week 52)

Week 52. December 24th - 30th
(Sorry for the late post, but my wife and children have been very sick and ill over Christmas, I have had to quarantine them from family and friends. So it was quite an ordinary and subdued Celebration. Eventually the last selection is made...)

52. Final Photographer for 2009 - Mark McPherson - Australia (Perth, B. 1975)
Titles - Andy, New York 2008, Chris, Berlin, 2008, David & Zek, Sydney 2008
C-Type Print Dimensions Variable
© Mark McPherson 2008/09
Courtesy of the Artist
(no specific website available)

Hooray! - The Hijacked 2 shortlist is complete...I will announce the final selection soon.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hijacked Photographer - Matthias Steffen (Week 51, 2009)

Week 51, December 17th – 23rd
Photographer – Matthias Steffen - Germany (Berlin, B. 1976)
Titles "Untitled" from the series "Tagnacht"
C-type print, Dimensions Variable
© Matthias Steffen 2009
Courtesy of the Artist.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hijacked Photographic Artist - Jack Pam - (Week 50, 2009)

Week 50. December 10th – 16th
50. Photographer - Jack Pam - Australia (Perth, B. 1984)
Title "brad + benny" from the series "Inhabitants 2005 - 2009"
C-type print 100cm x 70cm edition of 5
© Jack Pam 2009
Title "Iron Knob" from the series "fringe 2007 - 2009"
C-type print 100cm x 70cm edition of 5
© Jack Pam 2008
Courtesy of the Artist.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hijacked Photographic Artist - Sascha Weidner- (Week 49, 2009)

Week 49. December 3rd – 9th
49 Artist: Sascha Weidner - Germany (Georgsmarienhütte / Osnabrück 1976)
Title: UNREST II, 50 cm x 50 cm, Diasec, edition of 5 + 1 ap (artist proof), 2003
© Galerie Conrads, Germany; Galerie Toni Tàpies, Spain; Galerie Zur Stockeregg, Switzerland.