Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hijacked 2 - Book Production News

Its been a long time since I made a post on this blog. But the real world has been calling. The Hijacked Volume 2 - Australia / Germany book is relatively close to being finished, only 5 weeks away. I just returned from Melbourne, where I completed the final checks on the proof prints, and dyelines, with our Designers, FOD - Fabio Ongarato Design. I was sick most of the trip, but we managed to complete the job over three days. Many thanks to Meg Phillips from Fabio Ongarato Design, who has done a great job on the book. Meg is flying to Hong Kong / China on May 8th for a week to oversee the print press job, at Everbest Printing Co. I have attached the mock up cover which looks rad. Its been a long time coming a project that has taken 2 years, only 5 more weeks til the book is available exclusively at the ACP - Australian Centre for Photography, Hijacked Exhibition and Book Launch June 10 - July 17th, 2010. There will only be 50 copies available at the official launch, and with over 12 Australian Photographic Artists, 2 writers, and two editors in attendance, it will be a good opportunity to see the exhibition in its 120 print entirety, and to have your books signed by a large number of contributors.

I have also recently joined the 21st Century and will start a Facebook presence, tomorrow, as of May 1st. The idea, to keep everyone informed of the progress of the project, and general Big City Press and Hijacked events, which there is alot of planned events, parties, book launches coming up and over the European Summer. My co-editor and friend Ute Noll from Uno Artspace, Stuttgart will also be flying to Sydney, Australia for the first time from June 4th to be part of Creative Sydney, and to be a part of the official Hijacked 2 - Photography book launch. Most of the Australian Photographers will also be present at the launch, it will be fun, exciting, interesting and mindblowing. Hope to see you there.