Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Trish Morrissey (Week 23, 2011)

For week 23, January 2 - 8 / 2011

23. Photographer - Trish Morrissey, UK (London, b.1967)
Hayley Coles, June 17th, 2006, from the series Front (2005-2007)
C-Type print, 80x101.6cm
© Trish Morrissey, 2006
Commissioned by Impressions Gallery, Courtesy the artist & Elaine Levy Project.

As recommended by Susan Bright, Mark McPherson, Pipa Oldfield, Daniel Palmer, Martin Parr, & Aaron Schuman.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Michelle Tran (Week 22, 2010/11)

For week 22, December 26 /2010 - January 1 / 2011

22. Photographer - Michelle Tran - AUS (Melbourne, 1985)
Title: Sky High, 2010
Type C Photograph 100 x 110 cm
Courtesy of Lindberg Galleries

As recommended by Mark McPherson. * Merry Christmas and success in the New Year btw.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Spencer Murphy (Week 21, 2010)

For week 21, December 19 - December 25 / 2010

(Artist declined invitation to submit photo-works to the project)

21. Photographer / Artist - Spencer Murphy, UK (Kent/London, b. 1978)
Title: Laurie 2010
Archival Lamda Print, 50x40 inches

Courtesy of the Artist © Spencer Murphy 2010

As recommended by Andy Adams / Flak Photo, Lee Grant & Mark McPherson.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Izabela Pluta (Week 20, 2010)

For week 20, December 12 - December 18 / 2010

20. Artist -
Izabela Pluta
, AUS (Warsaw/Sydney b.1979)
Untitled (wind turbine) from Gestures of the landscape series, 2009
Lambda photograph print, 100 x 135 cm
Courtesy of the Artist © Izabela Pluta 2009
As recommended by Mark McPherson & Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hijacked 3 Artist - Natasha Caruana (Week 19, 2010)

For week 19, December 5 - December 11 / 2010

(I'm early this week as Natasha Caruana is currently in Perth, so we celebrate!)

19. Artist -
Natasha Caruana, UK (London, b.1983)
Elaine, from the series Lying Still - portraits of the other woman, 2005
C-type print, 90 cm x 70 cm
Courtesy of the Artist © Natasha Caruana

As recommended by Mark McPherson & Rhubarb Rhubarb.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Anthony Luvera (Week 18, 2010)

For week 18, November 28 - December 4 / 2010

18. Artist - Anthony Luvera,
AUS/UK (Perth/London, b.1974)
Assisted Self Portrait of Joe Murray, from residency 2006 - 09
C-type print, Dimensions Variable
Courtesy of the Artist © Joe Murray / Anthony Luvera

As recommended by Mark McPherson & Max Pam.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Sarah Pickering (Week 17, 2010)

For week 17, November 21 - November 27 / 2010

17. Artist - Sarah Pickering,
UK (London, b. DOB 1972)
Title: Shot, 2009
C-type print, 120cm x 140cm
Courtesy of Meessen De Clercq Gallery, Brussels

As recommended by Martin Parr.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Simon Obarzanek (Week 16, 2010)

For week 16, November 14 - November 20 / 2010

16. Artist - Simon Obarzanek,
AUS (Melbourne, b. 1968)
10pm-1am #1, 2006
Type C Print, 102.0 x 76.0 cm,


As recommended by Mark McPherson.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Steve Schofield (Week 15, 2010)

For week 15, November 7 - November 13 / 2010

15. Artist - Steve Schofield
– UK (Oldman / London, b. 1970)
Untitled , from the series: Land of the Free, 2007
Type C Print, Dimensions Variable,
Courtesy of the artist
As recommended by Louise Clements & Mark McPherson.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Warwick Baker (Week 14, 2010)

For week 14, October 31 - November 6 / 2010

14. Artist - Warwick Baker
– AUS (Melbourne, b. 1983)
Stephen, from the series: Charmwood, 2010
Type C Print, 80x60cm, Courtesy of Lindberg Galleries

Courtesy of the artist

As recommended by Mark McPherson.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Hin Chua (Week 13, 2010)

For week 13, October 24 - October 30 / 2010(just can't get the timing right!)

13. Artist - Hin Chua
– UK (London, b. 1974)
'untitled' from the project series - 'After the Fall', 2007,
C-Print, dimensions variable, 2007 © Hin Chua
Courtesy of the artist

As recommended by Louise Clements & Emily from Contact Editions & Mark McPherson.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Simone Rosenbauer (Week 12, 2010)

For week 12, October 17 - October 23 / 2010(damn I'm late again)

12. Artist - Simone Rosenbauer
– AUS/GER (Sydney, b. 1977)
'SM05.03.034 Tamworth Historical Society'- from the project series,
'Small Museums', 2008 - 2010, ©
Simone Rosenbauer
C-Print, shot on film/medium format,100 x 100cm,
Courtesy of the artist

As recommended by
Lynne Roberts-Goodwin(COFA)& Mark McPherson.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Laura Pannack (Week 11, 2010)

For week 11, October 10 - October 16 / 2010
(damn I'm on time for once)
11. Artist -
Laura Pannack – UK (London, b. 1985)
'Shay' - single image 2010, © Laura Pannack
C print,available edition of 10
Courtesy of the artist, Represented by Lisa Pritchard Agency
As recommended by Harry Hardie/Host Gallery & Mark McPherson.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Samuel Hodge (Week 10, 2010)

For week 10, October 3 - October 9 / 2010
(belated apologies)
10. Artist -
Samuel Hodge – AUS (Glen Innes, b. 1978)
The Wedding Day Sheet, 2006
C print, 35X45 inch, Edition of 3
Courtesy of the artist © Samuel Hodge
As recommended by Jessica Darlow & Mark McPherson.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Andy Sewell (Week 9, 2010)

For week 9, September 26 - October 2 / 2010
(belated apologies)
9. Photographer -
Andy Sewell – UK (London, b.1978).
Untitled, from the series 'The Heath', 2008
C print, 20X24 inch
Courtesy of the artist © Andy Sewell
As recommended by Martin Parr.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Claire Martin (Week 8, 2010)

For week 8, September 19 - September 25th. 2010.

8. Photographer -
Claire Martin – AUS (Perth, b.1980).
Title: Liz and Dave, from the series 'Slab City', 2008
Digital Giclee print, 15X15 inch
Courtesy of the artist © Claire Martin

As recommended by Foto Freo Festival & Mark McPherson.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Leonie Hampton (Week 7, 2010)

For week 7, September 12 - September 18th. 2010.

7. Photographer - Leonie Hampton
– UK (London, b.1978).
Title: Jake, 2008, Type C Print, 20 by 30 inch
Courtesy of the artist and The Kahmann Gallery © Leonie Hampton 2008.
As recommended by Lee Grant & Mark McPherson.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Gene Eaton (Week 6, 2010)

For week 6, September 5 - September 11th. 2010.

6. Photographer - Gene Eaton
– AUS (Perth / Bridgetown, b.1984).
Title: Tricycle crossing, 2009, Type C Print, 90x60cm
Courtesy of the artist © Gene Eaton 2009

As recommended by Mark McPherson.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Rob Ball (Week 5, 2010)

For week 5, August 29 - September 4th. 2010.

5. Photographer -
Rob Ball – UK (London / Sheffield, b.1977).
Title: Peter, from the series 'The Great Eastern (Vol II)' 2007,
C-Type Print, 20 x 24" inch © Rob Ball 2007
Courtesy of the artist

As recommended by Lee Grant & Mark McPherson.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Vee Speers (Week 4, 2010)

For week 4, August 22 - 28th. 2010.
(Artist declined invitation to submit works to the project)
4. Photographer - Vee Speers – Australia (Paris / Newcastle, b.1962).

Title: 'Untitled #3' from the series 'Birthday Party', 2007,
, Size: 1m x 1m20, © 2007 Vee Speers,
Courtesy of The Photographers' Gallery, London.

As recommended by The Photographers' Gallery, Mark McPherson & Rhubarb Rhubarb.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Simon Roberts (Week 3, 2010)

For week 3, August 15 - 21st. 2010.

3. Photographer -
Simon Roberts – United Kingdom (London, b.1974).
Title: 'Blackpool Promenade, Lancashire' from the series We English, 2008,Digital C-Type, Size: 48 x 40", © 2008 Simon Roberts,
Courtesy of Klompching Gallery.

As recommended by Mark McPherson &
Lee Grant, Debra Klompching, Chris Boot and Rhubarb Rhubarb.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Petrina Hicks (Week 2, 2010)

For week 2, August 8 - 14th. 2010.

2. Photographer - Petrina Hicks – Australia (Sydney, b.1972). Title: Rosemary's baby, 2008, Lightjet print, 120 x 120cm, © 2008
Petrina Hicks

As recommended by Mark McPherson & Bronwyn Rennex at Stills Gallery Sydney, Australia.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hijacked 3 - Australia / UK Submissions (FEES)

Hello Photographic Artists

Because of the scale and size associated with developing the Hijacked projects, there will be a small submission fee charged for administration costs when we accept submissions for Hijacked 3 - Australia / UK . As we are receiving such a high volume of applications and artworks, it is becoming a time, money and energy consuming exercise.

Therefore submissions will not be considered until the submission fee has been paid.
Information and details about how to apply and to pay for submissions will be published on the Big City Press website soon.

We will endeavor to keep you informed.
kind regards and thanks for your interest in our project.
Mark McPherson - Big City Press

Sunday, August 1, 2010

52 Photographers in a Hijacked 2010/11 Year!

Submissions are now open for Hijacked Volume 3 – Australia / UK.

Here we go again, Hijacked 3 – Australia & UK! The story begins. Research and development begins early, back to back with the release of Hijacked 2 – Australia / German, but the summer season in Europe has been exhausting, out of control and relentless. For the next 12 months, Big City Press will be announcing, presenting and shortlisting 52 Australian and UK photographers for the purpose of Big City Press's 3rd Volume publication - Hijacked 3 - New Australian and the United Kingdom.

From this short list we will be editing down the selection to what will be the final version of the book Hijacked 3 - New Australian and the United Kingdom. A new photographic cultural exchange and a new photographic direction. Our project is supported by Foto8, Quad - Format Festival Derby, Rhubarb-Rhubarb, Contact Editions, British Journal for Photography, Flakphoto, HotShoe International and The Australian Centre for Photography. A special mention to Rhubarb – Rhubarb in Birmingham who have supported Big City Press for the last two years in introducing Big City Press to The Photographic Community in the UK. So without any further procrastination, or general chit-chat may I present the first shortlisted photographer, Hijacked in 2010.

For week 1, August 1 - 7th. 2010.

1. Photographer – Toby Smith
– United Kingdom (Lincoln / London, b.1982). Foto: Carriageway, from the series 'Estranged' © 2009 Toby Smith.

As recommended by Mark McPherson & Maryann Camilleri, Flash Foward / The Magenta Foundation.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

As of August 1st: Hijacked 3 Oz / UK Submissions Open

As of August 1st, 2010, the submissions will be officially open for the scheduled publication Hijacked 3 - Australia / United Kingdom. Photographic artists / photographers may submit 12 - 18 images / fotos from a series / body of work as lo resolution jpegs. ie. Screen resolution files are fine. These photographs, may be zipped or compressed and emailed to

Optional: You may wish to include an artist statement / description of the photographic series and a short biography and/or cv. The project Hijacked Volume 3 - Australia / United Kingdom is an open submission process and is open to all people of these countries. The submission of work does not guarantee inclusion in the final publication, nor does shortlisted artists, guarantee inclusion in the final published book.

No explanations or feedback will be forthcoming or deemed necessary from the publisher and editorial staff if an artist or photographer is not chosen for the publication and/or from the Hijacked 3 shortlisted group.

FAQS: Like 'is there a theme/s or special interest to Hijacked 3' ?? The short answer is no. But obviously there are themes and concepts to the works, but the curatorial conceptual parameters are not premeditated, they will be apparent retrospectively and in hindsight, determined through the editorial process, by the editors, and illustrated in the final publication through specific selections, sequences, layout, design and juxtapositions of photographic artwork.

It is preferred the submitted photographs are new, exclusive and previously unpublished, but it is not a determining criteria. We are trying to support a survey of new, emerging, under represented artworks aligned with some established photographers. It is preferable that you are from Australia or the United Kingdom, if you are considering submitting work to this project.

Photographic artists will be shortlisted and published on the Big City Press blog on a weekly basis, as from August 1st, 2010 for one year.

Editors Mark McPherson (Australia) & Louise Clements (United Kingdom) will collaborate to select the final group of photographic artists for the book.

This project is supported by Rhubarb Rhubarb, Birmingham & Quad Format Festival, Derby.

For any further questions or queries please email

Attached foto by Ivonne Thein © 2010
Boris Mikhailov, Mark McPherson & Klaus Kehrer @ Vice Versa Book Launch July 22, 2010.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hijacked 2 AGWA Opening Talk by Robert Cook, July 9, 2010

Hello and welcome all to the Art Gallery of Western Australia for the launch of Hijacked: Volume 2.

I would like to acknowledge that the Gallery is built on Nyoongar land.

The Hijacked project was initiated by Mark McPherson in 2005 as a photocopied ‘zine. It took what was cool about where ‘zine culture ended up going via the American post-punk and skate scenes, by riffing off the way those publications worked against hierarchical culture to create liberating peer-based zones of exchange. So because the ‘zine format functioned for McPherson as a guerrilla platform, to announce the work of peers and to shape a society of creative equals, it expressed the general evolution away from the zine genre’s fan-roots as DIY printed love songs to movie stars and pop icons made by spotty bedroom romantics. This is a way of saying that Hijacked, in its various forms, has always been about framing, not fandom per se. While there is undeniably love in it, it is, therefore, not devotional, and, now, in its current state of hardcover monumentality, it might be seen to stand on the opposing pole to the intricate first person longing of the world’s other great uber zine, Stop Breathing. In my mind, in ‘zine culture in general, that is where Hijacked now stands. There is Stop Breathing – almost obsessively over-thought singly authored analyses of the world of mostly American indie music - and there is Hijacked – sprawling, restless, decentred, local and international, shooting from the hip, yet obsessive in its own delirious way. Both began life in lo-fi formats and expanded to be all they could be, while staying true to their defining visions.

Hijacked’s vigorously loose ambit was facilitated in the title. In an overt way it allowed other artists to take over, to hijack it and take it to their own destination. Thus, early issues were also produced by outstanding Perth creatives such as Thomas Jeppe, Conor O’Brien, Marcus Canning and Hannah Mathews. In a covert way, the idea of hijacking also, I believe, granted a kind of permission to lift practices from the context of their production and give them a new meaning through this violence. It is more forceful than cultural jamming, it is latently heavy, and this weight is supported by the horizontal field, the sense that Hijacked works, figuratively at least, in the manner of Fugazi and, later, The Evens -(where possible) no stage, no difference between audience and creator.

I dwell on this because I think the original ethos pulses through its relaunch as the hardcover book. The first outing, published in 2008 to great success, saw McPherson and co-editor Max Pam bring Australian artists together with American. The tone was post party, hung-over soulful, humans and spaces merging in a graphic liquid bath. It was like two New Worlds, two products of the colonial oceanic slough faced each other and asked, what the hell brought us here? And what the hell are we gonna do with these cars, in these hotel rooms, with these inked skins? Hijacked 1, answered these questions visually in wildly entertaining ways.

This volume sees McPherson joining fellow editors Ute Noll and Markus Schaden to create a dialogue between German and Australian photographers. And in it, the feel is ‘post hurricane’. The cobwebs are gone and the old and the new world stutter and speak with and at other, their gestures, their communications opening out the implicit politics that structure post war Germany and contemporary colonial Australia. As such, issues of freedom, of movement, of desire, of the world as ‘troubled playground’, shape the work. And so there is a celebration of youthful vigour and a tremulousness thanks to the awareness that the adolescent and recently adolescent mindset are in no way separate from the dangerous voyage of history, and the architectural and human structures that we live through. What this book shows is that we are always hemming ourselves in, always challenging those boundaries. It is in this way that the political and the aesthetic are carefully unified in the project. And it’s a coolly complicated thing, obvious and not so, and it’s something the fine essays circle in ways both dense and airy. These essays sit discreetly between the two hemispheres’ art works, functioning as a dividing wall of interpretation that might be seen as being both respected and broken down by the photos themselves. Easts and Wests, Norths and Souths, push together, imagistically, against the words that would contain them in the middle. It’s a smart layout, but then everything is smart about this project.

And as such, I want to pay a small tribute to Mark McPherson. Though he has collaborated, and drawn on many, many people’s energies, Hijacked is basically a testament to his force and his energy. He has a lot personally at stake in this. It is not a career, but a drive that has caused him to make this. He has a brave and a wonderful vision and I am kind of in awe of it. In his essay in this book, Alasdair Foster quotes Henry Miller, saying that ‘chaos is the score upon which reality is written’. I think that sums up so much, not just about this book, but about Mark’s energetic approach to making culture, to being in a way our most important young photo curators and editors in this country. He is reaching out, refusing to be pinned by the local, and is making a new kind of global community of artists.

Beyond the book, is the tour of the exhibition. It is currently on show at the Australian Centre for Photography, where I am told it looks amazing. It is moving around not just eh country but the world, and will make an appearance in Perth at the John Curtin Gallery July-September 2011, something of a significant homecoming for the material, and I am positive it will look incredible in the crisp spaces of the exquisite gallery.

Before that, you have the book. It is available from our shop right now and I need to say that all sales from the book shop go toward assisting the gallery fund a range of activities, exhibitions especially. I would like to congratulate Mark, Ute and Markus on their achievements, all the incredible photographers several of whom are here tonight, and also the brilliant Fabio Ongarato and his team for the impeccable graphic design. Inspiring people all. Thanks for coming and have a great evening.

Fotos by Bohdan Warchomij

Fotos (from top to bottom)

1. Robert Cook - Curator Art Gallery of Western Australia

2. Crowd at Art Gallery of Western Australia

3. Laura Bielby & Mark McPherson

4. Bob Hewitt, partner & June Moorhouse (Foto Freo)

5. Juha Tolonen and Brother

6. Alana Culverhouse & Mr Abas.

7. The Ladies.