Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Rob Ball (Week 5, 2010)

For week 5, August 29 - September 4th. 2010.

5. Photographer -
Rob Ball – UK (London / Sheffield, b.1977).
Title: Peter, from the series 'The Great Eastern (Vol II)' 2007,
C-Type Print, 20 x 24" inch © Rob Ball 2007
Courtesy of the artist

As recommended by Lee Grant & Mark McPherson.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Vee Speers (Week 4, 2010)

For week 4, August 22 - 28th. 2010.
(Artist declined invitation to submit works to the project)
4. Photographer - Vee Speers – Australia (Paris / Newcastle, b.1962).

Title: 'Untitled #3' from the series 'Birthday Party', 2007,
, Size: 1m x 1m20, © 2007 Vee Speers,
Courtesy of The Photographers' Gallery, London.

As recommended by The Photographers' Gallery, Mark McPherson & Rhubarb Rhubarb.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Simon Roberts (Week 3, 2010)

For week 3, August 15 - 21st. 2010.

3. Photographer -
Simon Roberts – United Kingdom (London, b.1974).
Title: 'Blackpool Promenade, Lancashire' from the series We English, 2008,Digital C-Type, Size: 48 x 40", © 2008 Simon Roberts,
Courtesy of Klompching Gallery.

As recommended by Mark McPherson &
Lee Grant, Debra Klompching, Chris Boot and Rhubarb Rhubarb.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hijacked 3 Photographer - Petrina Hicks (Week 2, 2010)

For week 2, August 8 - 14th. 2010.

2. Photographer - Petrina Hicks – Australia (Sydney, b.1972). Title: Rosemary's baby, 2008, Lightjet print, 120 x 120cm, © 2008
Petrina Hicks

As recommended by Mark McPherson & Bronwyn Rennex at Stills Gallery Sydney, Australia.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hijacked 3 - Australia / UK Submissions (FEES)

Hello Photographic Artists

Because of the scale and size associated with developing the Hijacked projects, there will be a small submission fee charged for administration costs when we accept submissions for Hijacked 3 - Australia / UK . As we are receiving such a high volume of applications and artworks, it is becoming a time, money and energy consuming exercise.

Therefore submissions will not be considered until the submission fee has been paid.
Information and details about how to apply and to pay for submissions will be published on the Big City Press website soon.

We will endeavor to keep you informed.
kind regards and thanks for your interest in our project.
Mark McPherson - Big City Press

Sunday, August 1, 2010

52 Photographers in a Hijacked 2010/11 Year!

Submissions are now open for Hijacked Volume 3 – Australia / UK.

Here we go again, Hijacked 3 – Australia & UK! The story begins. Research and development begins early, back to back with the release of Hijacked 2 – Australia / German, but the summer season in Europe has been exhausting, out of control and relentless. For the next 12 months, Big City Press will be announcing, presenting and shortlisting 52 Australian and UK photographers for the purpose of Big City Press's 3rd Volume publication - Hijacked 3 - New Australian and the United Kingdom.

From this short list we will be editing down the selection to what will be the final version of the book Hijacked 3 - New Australian and the United Kingdom. A new photographic cultural exchange and a new photographic direction. Our project is supported by Foto8, Quad - Format Festival Derby, Rhubarb-Rhubarb, Contact Editions, British Journal for Photography, Flakphoto, HotShoe International and The Australian Centre for Photography. A special mention to Rhubarb – Rhubarb in Birmingham who have supported Big City Press for the last two years in introducing Big City Press to The Photographic Community in the UK. So without any further procrastination, or general chit-chat may I present the first shortlisted photographer, Hijacked in 2010.

For week 1, August 1 - 7th. 2010.

1. Photographer – Toby Smith
– United Kingdom (Lincoln / London, b.1982). Foto: Carriageway, from the series 'Estranged' © 2009 Toby Smith.

As recommended by Mark McPherson & Maryann Camilleri, Flash Foward / The Magenta Foundation.