Friday, April 25, 2008

Berlin is the bomb baby! Hijacked: Berlin

Finally I'm getting back to Berlin. I haven't been back in almost 4 years. I love Berlin. It's going to be a blast. Thanks to Nathalie Latham, Mirjam Siefert and the beautiful people at Neunplus.... attached is the selection of invitations we are producing... From five Hijacked Photographers - Amy Stein, Graham Miller, Nathalie Latham, Robin Schwartz and Brian Cross.
Hijacked Volume 1 Australia and America

Opening Exhibition and Book Launch, Mai 22nd, 2008 UHR
Laufzeit: 22 Mai - 01 June, 2008
Öffnungszeiten DO - FR 16 - 20 UHR
SA - SO 14 - 18 UHR

Borsigstrasse 9
10115 Berlin,

For more details please contact:
Mirjam Siefert

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