Saturday, April 26, 2008

In the picture! Article in the West Weekend Magazine

We received a little bit of press, when Hijacked was launched in conjunction with the Foto Freo Festival 2008. Here is an extract, Stephen Bevis of the West Australian Newspaper writes: "The perspectives of an emerging generation have been bought into focus with Hijacked, a new exhibition and book to be launched at Fotofreo tonight. Scouring the internet and following the word-of-mouth buzz, Perth based artist and curator Mark McPherson has looked beyond what he calls 'the usual suspects' in the photographic world to bring together the most diverse and provocative image-makers from around Australia and the US.

Blurring the lines between artists, amateurs and professional photographers, Hijacked embraces the Youtube generation's wanderlust, fascination with international subcultures, fragmented trends, alternate lifestyles and suburbia, says McPherson.

'It is the same effect that digital photography has had on the art form,' he says. It has made it a more democratic playing field in a way. Some people don't like what digital photography has done to the artform, but I see the same names pop up so we are trying to give exposure to new talent'.

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