Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Hijacked Volume One, Australia and America

Editors: Mark McPherson and Max Pam
Design: Tom Muller
Contributors: Robert Cook, Michael Farrell, Max Pam, Jess Scully and Ed Zipco
Language: English
Release: April 2008
Price: Aus $100
Format: 26 x 20 cm
Binding: 288 pages, full colour, hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-988-99591-3-5

Hijacked brings together, for the first time, an uncompromising movement of international cultural exchange. Presenting the most diverse and provocative new photography from Australia and America, the book erases traditional boundaries between artists, professionals and emerging talent in order to point towards the future of contemporary photography.

Shunning repetitive and predictable structures, Hijacked's aesthetic is directed by the mindset and energy of young and emerging practitioners. Embracing the prevailing wanderlust, their work exhibits a fascination with international subcultures, fragmented trends, alternate life styles and urban landscapes. Explorations of suburban pleasures are placed on par with 'high' artistic experimentation.

While assembling the visions of its contributors, Hijacked delves into the practical and conceptual issues of the world of contemporary photography. Interviews provide a social comment on the socio-scape of Australia and America, and highlights talking points from discussions with artists on communication, social awareness, capitalism and the impact of commerce on identity and artistic practice.

Relentless in its ambition, much like the photographers, writers and contemporaries it publishes, Hijacked, the photography book, is a survey and hybrid of real time photography and life in real time.

Australian photographers

Greta Anderson
Duncan Barnes
Karron Bridges
Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy
Michael Gray
David Griggs
Caitlin Harrison
Nathalie Latham
Mark McPherson
James Mellon
Graham Miller
Martin Mischkulnig
Fiona Morris
Tony Nathan
Jack Pam
Emily Portmann
Brad Rimmer
Janelle Ryan
Flavia Schuster
Juha Tolonen
Joshua Webb
Toni Wilkinson
Gareth Willis

American photographers

Timothy Archibald

Angela Boatwright
Alana Celii
Nick Chatfield-Taylor
Brian Cross
Todd Fisher
Jonathan Gitelson
Dean Karr
Lisa Kereszi
Jason Lazarus
Suzy Poling
Robin Schwartz
Tod Seelie
Sarah Small
Amy Stein
Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Bill Sullivan
Shen Wei
Grant Willing
Ed Zipco

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