Friday, April 18, 2008

Flashback! What happened when Hijacked was Launched!

The official Hijacked opening was only two weeks ago, so it's history. The exhibition runs for another two weeks, but already we are planning the hang, layout, doing all the printing for our major exhibition and book launch at The Australian Centre for Photography, in Sydney, June 12 - July 19, 2008.
Fremantle was a huge learning curve, but also a great platform for Hijacked. A lot of work went into this labour of love. The Fremantle exhibition was very grass roots and relied on a lot of volunteers. So I say thank you everyone for your time, work and patience. Hope you all enjoyed it. I had taken a week off my day job specifically to install the photographs and organise all the work, which was time consuming and frustrating - don't hang in heritage buildings, don't use magnets. Thankfully the ACP show is going to handled totally by the ACP staff. We just need to send the exhibition design, instructions, curatorial rationale and plans. Now we are all professionals, it should be 'a walk in the park'.

Anyway, This is a short photo journal of the Official opening and some photos I shot today so everyone has a feel and sense of the first Hijacked Volume 1 - Australia and America launch in Fremantle, Western Australia. What the Old Customs building looks like and the type of architecture, design in the exhibition layout. You can see in the photographs that the space in an unconventional exhibition space. The audience is invited to walk through the corridors of the Old Customs House to view the artworks. On the opening night we converted the offices of Artsource into the bar area and hung selected works in the Artsource Office. So visitors could complete a cypher, a complete walk through rectangular circuit. As space was limited we could only exhibit selected works from
Hijacked Volume 1 - Australia and America. But the ACP show will require exhibition prints from almost the entire book, as we have unprecedentedly been given the entire ACP space, over 120m running - linear metres of hanging space throughout 4 gallery spaces. It's going to be Mammoth, the bomb baby!

The photos were kindly taken by Wayne Richards and
Mindaugas Kavaliauskas who runs a Photography Festival in Lithuania.

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